At Perk Eatery we take great pride in our community! Every month we designate a charity or community organization to support and give back to all of our locals who support us. We are open to all organizations! Due to an overwhelming request for donations we have created a system to ease and facilitate our contribution funds fairly. Please follow the directions below in order to submit your request.



• All charity/donation requests are considered between January 1-10 of each year.

• Please submit all requests via email between January 1-10 to the following address:

• Please be sure to include the following information in your email request:

* Name and function of charity or organization

* Date of charity event

* Tax ID number for your non-profit

* PDF of request letter on charity/organization letterhead providing all required information

• All recipients will be notified by January 20 if their organization was selected for the current fiscal year.

• Please note that we take great care and consideration in selecting the recipients of our community contribution funds. We base our budget on a percentage of our sales and once funds are allocated for the year there will be no donations available until the following year.


Thank you for your continued support of our locally owned and operated neighborhood diner! We look forward to serving you and our community at large for years to come!